Michael Heffernan is a full-time visual artist working from his studio at the Artisan Resource Center, Atlanta, Georgia. His painting style is between spontaneous expression and control; between emotion and passion for freedom and immediacy in the application while striving for balance in the nature of the subject. “My work explores extemporaneous, instinctive mark-making, and deliberate brushstrokes that translate into an energetic and interesting visual narrative”.

Michael’s abstract expressionist work is influenced by his poetry and the exploration of expression in both writing and painting, and how the two forms of creative expression intertwine and overlap.

He is also a contemporary landscape painter, “I am particularly drawn to the atmosphere of a place, capturing changing weather and mood, leaning into these elements to create semi-abstract interpretations of land and waterscapes”. His source of ideas are derived from a combination of painting, sketching, and photography on location, completing and scaling to larger sized works in my studio.

[Studio Visits by Appointment Welcomed – Face Mask Required, Following COVID 19 CDC Protocols]