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Welcome to my studio.

My landscape works are influenced mainly by studies around the Southeastern United States, and my native home, Ireland. During the pandemic, I started writing poetry, which led to the ongoing exploration of the synthesis of writing and painting as allied forms of expression. Many of my abstract works are based on specific poems created in series. I have had two solo exhibitions of this work in 2023, a large collection of paintings in the “Wayfinding” project. While most of the work has been completed in my studio, it often begins with drawing, en plein air painting, and photography. For enquiries email, [email protected]

The film below is a reading of my poem Wayfinding, and the title of the body of work created from 2019 to date. The film was shot in one take by Brandon Peterson, award-winning, International Filmmaker.


“Wayfinding” 84″x 72″ oil on canvas.

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