Artist Statement

While I don’t consider myself a poet by any means, I find it is now often the starting point of conceptual sources of ideas that inform my abstract work particularly. From the pandemic right up to today, writing is an integral part of my process, same as building stretcher bars, stretching, and preparing my canvas, or building wooden cradled panels, it is part of my workflow and early conceptualization of the work.

My daily practice is contemporary landscape painting punctuated with expressive abstract works. Often large in scale provides another dimension for expression, and as I progress there is a consolidation between landscape and abstract expressionism. I use a lot of texture in my work and feel a tactile quality and three-dimensionality in the surface with built-in layers of color, editing, removing, and adding elements is not unlike the process of writing and finding the right words to express with an economy of language. In short, the synthesis of language to connect and move.

The seamless expression is what excites me, the search and expression of emotion that connects with the viewer, providing just enough for the viewer to participate, interpret, and engage in the work. I like to think I can draw the viewer into the work, and they discover interesting passages each time they engage with it, especially over time. I strive for consistency in my visual language that I continue to extrapolate and discover as I progress in my obsession with the materiality of paint and its boundless possibilities.


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