I am fascinated by the effects of light and shifts in color in everything we see and how that influences our visual world. Capturing and expressing these impressions and expressing them in the form of line, color, shape, and light, essential elements in a painting, is a challenge that leads to an interesting visual vocabulary.  

I work in acrylic, oil, watercolor and mixed media. I explore new opportunities to express the sense of place or atmosphere through a visual language set to engage the viewer through creative pieces of work.

Above all, I love to paint. I am particularly drawn to dramatic landscapes and themes influenced by nature.

The “Reflected Sky” series, for example, explore the reflection of a clear blue winter sky on the dormant winter forest floor. The only bright color to be seen is the reflection of the blue sky in pools of water in rivers and creeks.

My work is inspired by the natural world and expressed through my work as a landscape, seascape, cityscape botanical and abstract contemporary painter. My approach is often abstracted exploring ways to translate mood, atmosphere, and composition through a rich color palette and depth of texture through mixed media applications. I work daily from my studio at The Artisan Resource Center, Marietta, GA. 

My work is influenced by my time in Ireland and America, especially the South Eastern US. My visual experiences, therefore, are expressed in contemporary landscapes, cityscapes, waterscapes, still-life and abstract compositions influenced by studies on both sides of the Atlantic.







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“I am particularly drawn to dramatic landscapes, seascapes and compositions and themes influenced by our natural world”