Some New Works

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Working on a new series of paintings inspired by my recent trip through the Shenandoah Vally on my way to the North East. I spent time in PA, NJ, NY, and CT taking lots of photographs and studies for studio paintings. Here are some new paintings that echo aspects of my tour. 

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“Blue Ridge Rain” 40″x40″ on gallery wrap canvas.










New Stretchers and Canvas

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Stretcher Sunday

I thought it would be interesting to see some behind the scene images of the studio preparation work before painting. I am spending my Sunday in my studio building new stretchers and canvas for my next round of paintings. I enjoy the process of creating my surfaces from scratch using the best quality materials. When I apply several coats of gesso to the raw canvas the canvas weight is about 20 lbs. This provides a solid beautiful texture and quality to work on for both acrylic and now oil painting which I have begun. Here are some imges of work in progress. I think an important part of painting for me is the choice of quality materials and the overall process which is reflected in the finished work and indeed the longevity of the work itself. Even when I am building a canvas I am thinking about the work and its composition ahead of time as I select the scale and size of the canvas. So the end result is a complete end-to-end experience. 


Raw Cotten Canvas and wooden Stretchers in various sizes. Ready to paint.


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New Studio Studies on Paper

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Exploring the basis of new paintings through sketches that reveal composition, color palette, and techniques that will influence new paintings.

Enjoying these studies and preamble to both my Terra Firma Series and the Memories Series. Here are some of those studies on 300 G archival quality watercolor paper.

Chattahoochee Spring II – 40″ x 25″ 

Chattahoochee Spring I – 30″ x 23″

Emerging Spring

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48″ x 36″

“Emerging Spring” Honeysuckle – 48″ x 36″ on gallery wrapped canvas. Images above are close-ups of various sections. I am so excited about this painting and it was so much fun to create. I delivered to RobertKent Galleries last Thursday afternoon and it sold Friday morning to a buyer who was visiting from Minnesota. Unlike some of my other paintings which are created with a palette knife, this piece is a combination with an emphasis on bold brush strokes to create energy and sense of falling that is seen with the growth of honeysuckle.

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Studio Transformed

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I finally moved into my new studio at the Artisan Resource Center (ARC) #artisanresourcecenter, and excited to be back painting. It was quite an undertaking, the following are some before and after shots. 



Some of my new paintings this month, ” Memories of the Low Country” 24″ x 48″, see portfolio for more information.

“Memories of the Low Country II, 20″ x 30”

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Excitied about my new studio

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So excited about my new studio at the Artisan Resource Center, Marietta, GA. An adaptive reuse of an old factory, in 1986, this 48,000 sq.ft. Center has 28 studios and I am thrilled to be part of it.


Tear down has started as I am making changes and fitting out to my needs and hope to be finished by February 1 for move in. The building is concrete and steel and the space used to be used for making floor model TV’s with wooden cabinets, are you old enough to remember those?

Here are some demo photographs;