Stanza Three – 30 x 22in – Oil and mixed media on 300gr Arches paper.

Creating in the pandemic…


Like everyone, I am discombobulated by events and alarmed at the pace of the spread of the Coronavirus. The only way to get ahead of this and flatten the curve is to stay home and follow local guidelines. We are all socially isolated and finding new ways to stay connected and wonder what our lives will be like post the pandemic.

I feel blessed as an artist, in these scary times especially, and to be able to hibernate in my studio and paint, somewhat easier for visual artists I think as we are accustomed to working in isolation to some degree. Arts and culture provide a respite from the harsh reality of our times, bringing joy, connection, comfort, and beauty. It might be as simple as starting your own art wall at home; your private collection, adding to your current collection, or now that you are at home perhaps rearranging and decorating, enhanced by visual art.

I am absorbed in my Poetry Series and now working on my own writings as a basis for a visual narrative and continuing poetry series.

Thank you for your support. Together we will get through this. Be safe, stay connected, stay positive, support artists, and please follow #michaelheffernanart on IG and @michaelheffernanfineart on FB.

Many thanks,


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