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Stretcher Sunday

I thought it would be interesting to see some behind the scene images of the studio preparation work before painting. I am spending my Sunday in my studio building new stretchers and canvas for my next round of paintings. I enjoy the process of creating my surfaces from scratch using the best quality materials. When I apply several coats of gesso to the raw canvas the canvas weight is about 20 lbs. This provides a solid beautiful texture and quality to work on for both acrylic and now oil painting which I have begun. Here are some imges of work in progress. I think an important part of painting for me is the choice of quality materials and the overall process which is reflected in the finished work and indeed the longevity of the work itself. Even when I am building a canvas I am thinking about the work and its composition ahead of time as I select the scale and size of the canvas. So the end result is a complete end-to-end experience. 


 Cotten Canvas and wooden Stretchers in various sizes. Ready to paint.


If you have any questions please send me a message and follow on #michelheffernanart and @michaelheffernanfineart



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