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Wayfinding II

The Wind Sprang UP II

Turf Smoke

The Wind Sprang Up

The Bogs Brown-Black Depth of Time.

Seamless Expression II – Enduring Passages

The Gift of New Light

Glory Blooms

Kolb Farm Thistle

Long Shadows Over Sedge

Blacksmith hammered. Rooks murmured (in private colection)

Timeless Banks II

Under Night’s Dark Blanket

Baronies of Uí Chairín

Under Night’s Dark Blanket II

Reflective Shallows Revealing

Modulating Banks

The Banks IV - 74x65x2 inches mixed media on stretched canvas.

The Banks I

The Banks XII

The Banks X

The Banks IX

The Banks V

The Banks IV

The Banks III

The Banks II

“Days Dawning”

Blacksmith hammered. Rooks murmured. III

Blacksmith hammered. Rooks murmured. II

Terra Firma IV

Cathartic Retrospection I

Seamless Expression I

Kites In The Wind

Daily Fires of Time

Ink-Blue-Black Dawn

Rooks Murmured

The Scullery of Humanity


Summerhill Kitchen Garden

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